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Considering business Greeting Cards? Great for customer retention!

November 4, 2012

Why Send Business Greeting Cards?

Customer Retention!

  • Develop a personal relationship with your customer.
  • Greeting cards get opened… always.
  • Stay in front of your customers.
  • Brand your business.
  • Remind them why they do business with YOU.

“Increasing customer retention by just 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.” Reichheld and Schefter, Harvard Business Review 

No matter what our line of business, we  have two types of customers: 1) new customers and 2) repeat customers. We tend to only focus on finding the ‘new’ customers, which may leave our former customers unattended. Wait a minute. Aren’t these buyers who already know how great we are?!  Yes, many of them are likely to buy from us again if given the right reminders, incentives and… personal relationship.

Christmas Cards & New Year Cards are FUN, easy, obvious, simple, friendly, personal and effective. Touching base with our existing customers doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. I do them at the same time I do my family holiday cards and it really puts me in the “Christmas spirit.” Plus, I write them off as a marketing expense. And I have found that each year it provides a spark of renewed contacts, chatter and subsequent business.

“Yes, it’s great in theory, but Christmas is our busiest time. I’m too swamped to do Christmas cards.” ~ Stressed Out Business Owner

I hear this comment a lot and it’s unfortunate. Because believe me, everyone else is competing for your customers this holiday season! It does not have to be a burdensome event. I’ve outlined below a four-week hands-free plan for putting your cards into your customers’ hands. Delegate this task to one of your staff or give us a call, we’ll lend a hand!

4 Week Target Dates for Hands-Free Christmas Card Mailing:

Order Greeting Cards – November 8
Mailing List: add, delete, revise your customer mailing list – Nov. 8
Proof Approval from Printer- November 15
Receive printed cards – November 25
Sign, label and stamp cards – November 29 – December 5
Deliver to post office – December 5
Happy, Smiling Customers – December 8

Are you swamped? 
Can’t mess with mailing your own cards?
We can help! 
So Wise Co. offers mailing services. We will sign, label (or even hand address), stamp and mail your Christmas cards. You provide us the list and we’ll quote a personalized price for your needs.

Personalized Business Branding Greeting Cards. So Wise Co. will design a greeting card for your business that incorporates your logo and brand, along with just the right message or offer for your customers. We can print your cards and help with mailing them too.

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